Rift - Best in Slot

On this page you can learn a bit about Best in Slot and the people who Support it.
Their faction is the Guardians on the "Deepstrike US PvP" Server
To contact any team member, click on Start a New Conversation and add them to the Participants field.

Best in Slot - Guardian Guild

Drama-free casual Raiding and PvP guild, with members from US, EU and Oceania. Level 12 guild with all the useful perks, and access to guild bank based on rank. Lots of R8 PvPers to complement our core raiding group. We raid three times a week, usually Weds/ Thurs/ Friday from 8pm EST but raid nights vary (posted every Monday on our website).

Looking to add more 50s to our ranks, especially healing clerics. Recruitment is 18+, fill out an application and an officer will get back to you.

Code of Conduct:
1. Respect for others. This applies in vent, in-game, and toward other guilds and their members. We will not tolerate trolling, harassment or baiting in any form.

2. We are a mature guild of casual raiders and PvPers. We will not tolerate drama.

3. Listen to your officers and class leads. We have an officer structure in place to help organize and run events, co-ordinate raids and to provide support to our regular members. Please listen to them.

4. If you have a problem with another member or officer in game, contact an officer. We will resolve any disputes as best we can. Please refrain from bickering in tells.

5. We will not tolerate any forms of cheating, exploiting or botting. If you are caught using these you will be immediately kicked from BiS.

6. If you breach any of the above rules you may be issued with a warning or put on probation by an officer. If the offense is serious, or you have been issued a warning before, you may be kicked from Best in Slot.

Raiders must sign up with their stats to become a member of the raid roster. Loot is distributed via DKP. For more info contact an officer in game, or head to our forums.
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