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On this page you can learn a bit about Last Rangers and the people who Support it.
They are Vista-faction based. Accept also CHOTA and Lightbearer factions.
To contact any team member, click on Start a New Conversation and add them to the Participants field.

Last Rangers - Vista Clan

We are a vista-based clan who accept CHOTA and Lightbearer-aligned players, and are a close-knit group active in both crafting and PvE aspects of the game, with a casual interest in PvP. Players who join Last Rangers will find a friendly group of players who group often to complete PvE missions, are extremely knowledgeable on crafting and recipes, and a few who are well versed in the art of PvP. Last Rangers are committed to the world of Fallen Earth, and are viewed as very helpful, experienced and knowledgable members of the FE community.

To Join:
Interested players (who are 18 years or older of age) should contact any of the listed officers in-game for recruitment.

A Brief History of the Clan:
Last Rangers was founded from the remaining leadership of the currently in hibernation vista clan: the Wolves of War. This previous clan was founded in Fallen Earth during beta by ZerogravitySE, and for much of the game’s history has been a very powerful and influential PvP force. The decision to focus the Wolves of War name more aggressively towards PvP made those of us in Last Rangers feel it was time to move along a different path with a different name. While we recognize and appreciate all the assistance and work done by Wolves of War, our new direction with Last Rangers will focus more on enjoying the crafting and PvE aspects of fallen earth, with a casual interest in hassle-free PvP.

Clan Resources:
Last Rangers is a very well-organized group with the following resources:
1. Web-site [www.gamerapoc.org] with gaming forums, events calendar and build information
2. Ventrilo server
3. In-game vaults designated for player resources (i.e. repair kits, consumables, weapons/armor, etc.).

Quick Rules and Regulations:
Last Rangers have few rules since we are centered around a casual playstyle that is focused on a relaxed and friendly clan environment. However, to ensure we all enjoy ourselves in Last Rangers, and within FE, there are a few strict rules that must be followed.

1. Treat all members of Fallen Earth, and especially clan members, with the utmost respect. All of us can take a joke and have a mature sense of humor -- but when player behavior breaches into disrespectful and disruptive, actions will be taken including private discussion, temporary clan suspensions, demotions and even clan expulsion. This includes all aspects of play whether they are in-game, in voice chat, or on the forums.

2. There is a zero tolerance policy towards cheating and exploitation. Players who engage in such activities have far reaching effects, beyond just shaming themselves – and can result in very poor inter-clan relationships and cast a (often permanent) bad reputation for the entire clan and it’s members. Instances of confirmed cheating/exploitation by members will be handled privately by officers, and in most cases will result in immediate expulsion from the clan.

3. Try to be helpful to other members of Last Rangers, as well as the general Fallen Earth community whenever possible. This can be as simple as offering advice, or helping someone with their character build -- but it’s up to all members to continue the tradition of helpfulness and fair-play the clan promotes.
I'm a 27 year old research assistant in a cancer therapeutics laboratory, currently working towards completing a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. When I'm not a slave to science (or getting the 'honey-do' run-around from my fiance) I play guitar, bicycle, run, lift, frisbee, listen to music (aka total hippie) -- and of course, play MMO's.

Gaming History: I started MMO's with Anarchy Online around 2001, which for those not familiar is a sci-fi based 'sandpark' game with pretty in-depth character development -- but didn't have a whole lot of content (not to mention all the technical issues that Funcom had). All in all, it was magic. It gave me that total shock-and-awe that many players feel with that first MMO -- the same feeling we all try to get with whatever new game we're playing. I got mostly into the RP in the game, and joined some active RP guilds, and really enjoyed the 5+ years I played that game. When I decided to move on from AO I got into Everquest 2. EQ2 was fun and I ended up moving away from RP, and enjoying more of the casual PvE environment. Unfortunately, the progression in that game leads you to what seemed to me a constant raid grind, and so I decided to look for a more sandbox based game with less focus on gear/items. That brings me to where I am today, in the apocalyptic wasteland of Fallen Earth, where I enjoy all aspects of gameplay from PvE/crafting, PVP frequently, and even get into RP every now and then. That's it for me, See you in the wastes!


Well i started out on a 286 playing on BBS servers games like Trade Wars and Land of Devastation my first post apocalyptic game and i loved it..then it was Mechwarrior 3 to 4 vengence and Black Knight expansion and Mercenaries for probably 5 or 6 years playing organized pvp leagues. Sadly the game began to die and i was crushed. So it was on to Neverwinter Nights for several years...really good game..played on the Lost Souls server among a few others..then i played WOW for a year or so..which is a year or so of my life i'll never get back.

Then i jumped into Dungeons and Dragons online for about 4+years and started a guild named Vetus Schola on the argonessen server thats still going strong today. ive played too many other games to list but im all fantasy gamed out now so when i found Fallen Earth i had to give it a shot and im glad i did its got its issues but still a great game i started about 6 months after public launch and have been there ever since....and dont see myself leaving any time soon.......unless Mechwarrior Reboot actually comes out in the future


I’ve enjoyed post-apocalyptic gaming for over 20 years now, starting with Wasteland on the Commodore 64 way back in 1988. Being able to play through an irradiated world, fighting off mutant monsters and unruly street gangs, gave me hours of enjoyment, lost in an RPG. Fallout 1 and 2 would slip under my radar as the years went by, but I did manage to run across Fallout Tactics just around the time that Anarchy Online was coming out. AO turned out to be a unique game, trying out different things and creating an immersive environment. But nothing that really stuck.

Then one day I tried out Fallen Earth. It was this first-person hybrid, and I probably couldn’t play it (FPSs don’t work for me), but it was post-apocalyptic. I just had to try it out. And damn, I fell in love right away. It was hard adjusting to the mechanics, and I had to choose the melee route, but when I started beating the shit out of things I just couldn’t stop.

And from those humble days of beta, we’ve gone on to create the Last Rangers, with a slight nod to Wasteland. You gotta remember. The Ranger Center was the most rad place to hang out.


I got my name from being a retired enlisted member of the USAF and for the color of my hair - silver - aka Sgtfrosty. Been a gamer since getting stationed in Turkey in 1984. Bought a Commodore 64 and played Ultima II - I have been hooked on computer games since then. I love RP games, FPS, and some strategy. I absolutely HATE sports games!!!!! Been a big fan of all the Fallout series.

Saw an article in PC Gamer which talked about Fallen Earth and that got me interested. Fallen Earth is my first MMO. Been playing it since the Beta around Jul 09 - and I haven't stopped since. Since I started playing FE, I purchased a number of games (ME 2, Borderlands, Fallout New Vegas, Brink, Homefront and others). Homefront is the ONLY game i finished. I can't stop playing FE!!!! I love this game. I have had an absolute blast meeting folks on line whether they are stateside or overseas - its been great.

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